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Farmers’ markets shine yellow to support agriculture’s hardest little workers 

Australia’s farmers’ markets are invited to support WORLD BEE DAY 2023 on Saturday 20 May (in fact World Bee Week: 13 – 21 May).

This year’s World Bee Day theme is ‘Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agriculture’, and there’s no better way for people to celebrate than to join the Bring Your Buzz campaign, wearing yellow to their local farmers’ market to highlight the vital role pollinators play in our food production systems.

The Bring Your Buzz campaign is a joint venture between Australian Farmers’ Markets Association and the Wheen Bee Foundation.

Australian Farmers’ Markets Association Chairperson Jane Adams says markets across the country are excited to support World Bee Day 2023 with its global theme highlighting pollinator-friendly agriculture, with festivities planned at farmers’ markets across the country from Saturday 13 May to Sunday 21 May.

“Encouraging stallholders and visitors to wear their yellow hats, beanies, scarves and hoodies is a simple, fun way our vibrant farmers’ market network can support healthy food systems and healthy communities,” Ms Adams said.

“We hope to see yellow bags and baskets, dog collars and stall signs all helping to create a buzz and raise awareness.”

Ms Adams says farmers’ markets are the perfect place for communities to embrace this year’s World Bee Day theme that encourages people to become engaged in pollinator-friendly agriculture.

“Farmers’ markets support sustainable food production by supplying local, seasonal produce,” Ms Adams said. “Shopping at your local farmers’ market is a great way to support farmers who in turn support bees.”

Wheen Bee Foundation CEO Fiona Chambers said this year’s World Bee Day theme was a timely reminder for people to actively seek out farmers and agriculture businesses that place a priority on supporting pollinators and the vital service they provide in putting food on our tables.

“Engaging in pollinator-friendly agriculture means managing the land in a way that helps pollinators thrive,” Ms Chambers said. “Farmers can plant pollinator-friendly plants to increase places for bees to forage, live and breed and avoid pesticides that cause harm to bees.”

“And there are lots of ways for people in urban areas to get involved as well,” Ms Chambers said. “Anyone can plant a bee-friendly garden or veranda pots or buy produce from farmers who are dedicated to supporting pollinators.”

For more information on World Bee Day visit worldbeeday.org.au

Download the buzzy Farmers Market World Bee Day Kit here: WBD 2023 AFMA Communications Toolkit