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New research conducted by Griffith University (McKinnis and Wilkinson) shows that farmers’ markets have played a vital role in fostering trust and community connections in our now Covid-era. The survey by two nutrition and dietetics students was conducted at Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby Farmers’ Markets (NSW) and highlights several major benefits of farmers’ markets, including the alleviation of feelings of Covid-19 induced isolation and loneliness.

NSW farmers’ markets were classified as an essential food service by state government under Covid. The Northern Rivers region shoppers reported that they wanted to buy local healthy produce and felt safer shopping in the fresh air. They trust and want to support regional farmers, the local economy and sustainable farming. But the greatest benefit was social connection.

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Griffith University Student Research Report April 2021



The Centre for Rural Health (Lismore) of Griffith University has just published their findings on what motivates shoppers at the Murwillumbah Farmers Market.  The report focuses on the pivotal role farmers markets play in developing community cohesion and trust, especially between farmers and consumers.
Local food = local focus = local energy and sustained community development.

Read the report here:  Report Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market Nov 2020


Harvest Launceston Farmers Market UTAS Report

Harvest Launceston, one of Australia’s award-winning farmers’ markets gets the tick of health in a new report from UTAS academics.

The industry report titled  ‘Community, culture and value:  An exploration of Harvest Launceston farmers’ market’ polled stallholders and shoppers and their findings are extremely positive.  Shoppers average Saturday market spend was $51 and they are prepared to pay more for locally grown produce, and for the convivial market shopping experience.  Produce quality and access were also rated highly.

Stallholders cited benefits including brand awareness, 44% noting that marketing and consumer outreach was a primary reason for their participation.

The report authors, Maria Belen Yanotti and Laura Ripoli Gonzalez also examined the market’s contribution to cultural value, education, community building and tourism.

For more information please contact:  Laura Ripoli Gonzalez, UTAS



Harvest Launceston, every Saturday morning


Griffith University and the NSW Local Health District in the Northern Rivers region have collaborated to research regional food shopping habits and the costs of basic fresh foods at farmers’ markets versus other food stores and supermarkets.
The initial findings may surprise you….

The representative seasonal food baskets point strongly to the fact that local fruit and veg shopped direct from the grower may be the cheapest way to shop… it’s certainly the freshest.

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