The circumstances and public health guidance surrounding safe health practice in
relation to Covid-19 are changing frequently. AFMA is monitoring available public
information and will post significant developments of the AFMA Facebook page in
the first instance. Please like and check posts regularly.

We ask all market managers, stallholders and shoppers to act responsibly to offer
maximum common sense reduction of risk at this challenging time. Farmers’
markets are a fundamental link in our healthy food chain and no more than now
should we be eating fresh healthy food. What’s more, we need to support our
farmers and artisan food producers many of whose livelihoods depend on their
weekly trading at farmers’ markets.

Sell and shop local, sell and shop seasonal and healthy food, sell and shop in the
fresh air and – shop with you own trolley!

This FACT SHEET will be updated as required and is intended to assist market managers, stallholders and shoppers in farmers’ markets minimise health risk and ensure maintenance of access to fresh, healthy food supplies.